Top Tips for Conference Season

Photograph courtesy of Horia Varlan

1. If you are presenting for the first time: breathe.  Don’t be afraid to write out every single word of your paper.  Some people can wing it with bullet points and speak off the top of their heads for twenty minutes.  These people are unicorns.  Maybe you’ll grow up to be a unicorn, but until […]

April’s Theme…

Photograph courtesy of Matryosha

… is ‘Conference Papers: From Writing to Presenting’ With the 59th Annual BAAS Conference next week (10-13 April) we thought it’d be fitting to take a different stance on this month’s submissions. It’s all about you – your experiences, your woes and successes with everything conference. What was it like presenting at a conference for […]

March’s Theme…

Photograph courtesy of  Randy Heinitz

… is *drumroll* American Dreaming: Portrayals of an American Utopia in Popular Culture This month we’re asking for submissions on American popular culture – specifically Utopian visions of America/ texts that play with notions of American idealism. Your submission can be any length – no matter how big or how small we’ll put it up […]

A Q&A With… Jenny Daly


Hello Jenny! Please tell us all about yourself and your research… As of March 1st, I’m now in the third year of my PhD! I’m based in the School of English at Trinity College Dublin. My research interests are a bit of a mixed bag – probably as a result of the circuitous route I […]

February’s Theme…

Photograph courtesy of Joel Bombardier

… is Love in America. Ah, February, the month of love…or loathing, depending on your opinion of Valentine’s Day and all of its paraphernalia. Whatever you think of Cupid and his bow, this month we’re asking for pieces – of any length – on love in American texts, places, culture, and/or anything that you think […]

A Q&A with…Katie McGettigan

MAS pic cropped

Hello! Please introduce yourself and your research… Hello! My name is Katie McGettigan, and I have just finished a PhD on ‘The material text and the literary marketplaces in the novels of Herman Melville’. My research explores Melville’s literary uses and representations of aspects of antebellum book production and circulation, and I suggest that Melville […]

December and January’s Theme…


…is ‘REFLECTIONS‘. Here again we find ourselves on the other side of eating and drinking ourselves merry, but before we demolish all of the mince pies we’ve got a fair few things to do, and I’m not referring to January Sales shopping. Now, after presenting papers, drinking tea and tasting the delights of the catering, […]

November’s Theme…

Photographer: David King

…is AMERICAN FREEDOM With Thanksgiving Day at the end of this month, one series of images particularly comes to mind. Seventy years after oil was put to canvas, Norman Rockwell’s ‘Four Freedoms’ still resonate and inform the American psyche. Each painting celebrates and instills what America represents, and moreover what soldiers and civilians were fighting […]

October’s Theme…

Photograph: Rachel K. So

is, ‘BLACK HISTORY MONTH’ To mark Black History Month we’re opening the MAS floor to any articles, links, questions, and thoughts on one of the most important months in the cultural calendar. Events are being held nationwide, from talks at The School of American Studies at the University of East Anglia, to Nottingham University’s film […]

‘America at Work’


Las Vegas Bureau of Land Management Worker cleaning up the mess in the desert left by shooters. Rather than straining his back to keep bending down to pick up the empty shot casings this worker has invented this clever device. He attaches a magnet to the end of a broom handle, which as you can […]